Review – David Celia

By: Lizzie Sharpe

Album– Double Mind
Download Link –
Release Date – June 2nd, 2015
Genre – Folk/Pop/Rock

David Celia is a singer/songwriter from the lovely city of Mississauga , Ontario. He specializes in creating Folk/Pop/Rock music and is very good at doing so. David Celia has toured not only in Canada but also America and even the UK. David Celia has played with Canadian folk legends Ian & Sylvia.

David Celia has just dropped his new album titled ‘Double Mind’. The album features fourteen full length tracks. This is David Celia fourth solo album produced and released to fans. I have taken a listen to ‘Double Mind’ all the way through and I have to stay I really like the way David Celia puts his own personality into the songs he creates. Two of my favorites tracks off of the album are the title track, ‘Double Mind’ (third track) and ‘Speak To Me’ (fifth track). Both songs are amazing and I had to listen to them on repeat a few times. The thing I really love about ‘Speak To Me’ is the guest singer that is featured in the song. I have no knowledge of who it is but it gives the song a lovely flow and it is something different then what the other tracks have. The album also includes both of David Celia’s singles, ‘The Grind’ and ‘Thin Disguise’.

Rating 3/5

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