Review – Cugini

By: Lizzie Sharpe

EP – Activity
Download Link –
Release Date – May 10th, 2015
Genre – Electric Dance/Hip Hop

From the lovely city of Toronto, Ontario the Electronic dance/Hip hop duo Cugini was born. The band only consists of two members, Adam Bertucci and Paul-Luca Canzio. Cugini is still a fairly new band and are very excited about the release of their new EP ‘Activity’.

‘Activity’ features six full length tracks, all of which will get any listener dancing and having a good time. The EP is full of high energy songs varying from Pop to HipHop material. I have listened to this EP numerous times and I honestly love it. The thing I love about this album is way it makes me instantly want to get up and move. My two favourite songs off the Activity EP are ‘North Girls’ (first tract) and ‘Paradise’ (fifth track). Both songs have very catchy choruses and the electric beat makes the songs flow very nicely. I recommend this EP to anyone looking for upbeat, fast songs to put them in a good mood.

Rating 5/5

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