Pre-Release Review – Small Town Pistols

By: Heather Young

Album- Pistology
iTunes Link –
Release Date- May 26th 2015
Genre- Country

Small Town Pistols are coming back with a bang with their sophomore album “Pistology”. The follow up to their self titled debut as a duo the album is pistol packed with hits and genius. Amanda and Tyler are no strangers to the Canadian country music scene, growing up in the hit making trio The Wilkinsons with their father Steve, they have tasted success and there is no doubt that as a duo they will continue on the road of pure country gold.

Pistology opens with the hilariously revengeful break up song called “Jester in a Crown”. The creative lyrics quickly pull you in and you can’t help but sing along. My personal favourite off the album is called “Ghost”. This song tells the story of love and murder from the haunting perspective of the murdered woman. The emotionally charged lyrics will send chills down your spine like a horror movie. Amanda and Tyler completely nail it with this one and showcase their talent for storytelling. Another song that sticks out for me is “Be your own song”, this upbeat song will have you singing into a hair brush in front of the mirror in no time. It’s inspirational message of being yourself and loving it is sure to be a fan favourite. Pistology closes with a collaboration with Brett Kissel called “The Other Man”. The song is traditional kick up your boots country detailing a love affair in a make you want to dance way. It’s the perfect way to send off the album, leaving you feeling energetic and wanting more.

Pistology is a perfect representation of country music and what Small Town Pistols are capable of. You will not be disappointed with this flawless mix of modern and old country, there is something for everyone. I can honestly say I’ve been jamming to this record for days. The album drops on May 26th so make sure to grab yourself a copy.

Rating: 5/5

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