Review – The Simpson Brothers Band

By: Amanda Hather

EP – Always On Your Side
Download Link –​
Release Date – May 3rd, 2015
Genre – Pop/Folk/Alternative

Twin brother duo The Simpson Brothers Band, made up of Rich and Rob Simpson, hail from Vancouver. They blend a mix of genres together to make their unique sound. The brothers were the winners of the Shore 104.3 Best of BC contest for their single “Diamonds”, and have just released their new EP, ‘Always On Your Side’.

The EP is a short but very sweet five song release. When you listen to this EP you will be immediately swept away with the beautiful piano and vocals that start the opening track, “Crimson Eyes”. The different elements throughout the song with harmonies and different instruments put it together perfectly. The title track also has beautiful harmonies and has a bit of a slower beat to it. “Something From Nothing” has a bit more of a summer feel to it – a bit more upbeat and sounds like it would be the perfect addition to that playlist you need for your beach party. “Games” is another upbeat song and would be perfect for those summer road trips when you’re speeding down the highway with the windows down on the perfect summer day. The closing track is a remix of the title track.

I’m not sure what I was expecting with this EP but whatever it was was completely blown out of the water the second I pressed play. I honestly cannot put into words how impressed I was with this EP. I had previously only listened to the covers the brothers uploaded to YouTube but I’m definitely keeping an ear out for them in the future.

Rating: 5/5

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