Interview – The Wild

By: Jenna Melanson

Kelowna BC based rock ‘n’ roll band, The Wild is made up of Dylan Villain (Lead Guitar/ Vocals), Pistol Pete (Rhythm Guitar), Lucas ‘Boozus’ (Bass/ Vocals) and Rowdy Rick Riegs (Drums). The band is known as the country’s most-dangerous rock and roll band, and has recently been signed to eOne Music Canada and also released their debut EP entitled “GxDxWxB” on April 21, you can read our review HERE!

I had the chance to ask Dylan Villain a few questions about their debut EP, their new single and much more, keep reading to find out all you need to know about The Wild!

Last we talked, you were working on your debut EP, and now it’s been released, how has the response been?

It’s been great. The single is top15 at radio & the record is selling out at multiple  HMV locations across Canada. We’re happy. Stoked that everyone’s finally getting to hear it & they’re diggin’ it. It’s been a really cool feeling.

How did you come up with the name “GxDxWxB” for the EP?

Well I guess if you don’t know by now, it stands for God Damn Wild Boys. Boozus’ old lady use to curse our name when he’d come home from tour still on the party. “You goddamn Wild boys!” she’d say. Haha. After that, it just stuck.

If you had to explain your sound in only ONE word, what word would you choose?


You released the first single, “Slow Burn” last month, and it has been doing great on radio, what made you choose that song as the first single?

It’s actually the second single. Not many people know this but we released ‘Party ‘Til You’re Dead’ as the first single to support the winter tour we did with Buckcherry. After that, went out with ‘Slow Burn’. There’s something about that song that is universally appealing in a way. I mean, yes, it’s a rock’n’roll song. But it’s very bluesy. The chicks can dance to it & the guys can drink beer to it. That’s a win/win.

You are known as “The Most Dangerous Rock and Roll Band”, why is that?

Fuck around & find out.

Now that the EP is released, you will be taking off on tour, what can fans expect from a live show?

4 sweaty guys playing loud music while you party!

Which stop are you most excited about?

ALL OF THEM! We LOVE the road. To all the fans that support us & allow us to keep doing this night after night: THANK YOU! I’ve said this a hundred times & I’ll say it a hundred more: Think of this like any other job. The way I see it, the fans are your boss. We work for them. I mean, yes. We love what we do & we write music that we love to play every night but without our fans, we’d play to empty rooms. So we show up to work every night & give it 150% for them. To the fans: Thanks for giving us the best job in the world.

When can fans on the East Coast expect some dates?

Hopefully soon! Pistol has roots there. Boozus loves to fish. Lightning likes a good stiff drink & I hear they like to party over there. I’d say we’d fit right in..

Now that the EP is released, and the tour is planned, what’s up next for “The Wild”?

Tour. Tour. Tour. Tour. Party. Write. Tour. Video. Tour. Tour. Tour. Tour. Party. Write. Tour. Write. Write. Write. Write. Write. Write. Studio. Repeat!

Need more from The Wild? Check out our previous interview HERE! And be sure to connect with them on the following social media outlets:



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