Review – Daniel Wesley

By: Heather Young

Album – I am your man
iTunes Link  –
Release date – May 5th 2015
Genre- Rock

Daniel Wesley has been gracing us with his musical talent since 2006. Daniel has just released his seventh album entitled “I Am Your Man”. This is his first release on his own Beachgrove Records. I Am Your Man is also the first album he produced himself since 2007. When you think of Daniel Wesley you think smooth west coast vibe, and this album is exactly that. Except this time he seems to have effectively touched on every music genre impeccably.

I Am Your Man opens with the track “Come at Me”, it has a very jazzy feel to it with obvious reggae influences. The track also made me think of 1990’s legends Sublime, to which only Daniel Wesley can pull off so effortlessly. Track two is the first single off of the album. “Shake” has more of a soft rock feel with a very catchy, toe tapping melody. My personal favorite is “Music in my Soul”. This song is sure to get your west coast juices flowing and will definitely put music in anyone’s soul with its bang on beat and leave you craving more vocals. I Am Your Man closes with “Sing this Song”, it depicts the struggle of being away from home and chasing your dreams.

I Am Your Man is absolute perfection. If I wasn’t already a Daniel Wesley fan I definitely would be after this release. The album dropped on May 5th, be sure to get your hands on a copy! I highly recommend it! Daniel also hits the road this summer with some West Coast dates already announced and more to come. Trust me, from experience, you do not want to miss this guy live.

Rating: 5/5

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