Review – Midday Swim

By: Jenna Melanson

EP – Midday Swim
Release Date – May 1, 2015
iTunes Link –
Genre – Pop

Toronto based Indie Pop Rock band, Midday Swim consists of David Krygier-Baum (Vocals/ Guitar), Stephan Ermel (Keyboards/ Vocals), Sebastian Shinwell (Guitar/ Vocals), Craig Saltz (Bass/ Vocals), and Max Trefler (Drums). The band has just released their debut self-titled EP. The EP features seven tracks, including their singles, “Summer Eyes” and “We Got The Feeling”, which are both great songs that I can see being added to rotation on my music library.

My absolute favourite on the EP is the third song, “Either Way”, which I found myself singing along with right away. It’s one of those songs that had me transfixed. The vocals are smooth and the music doesn’t overpower the song, they work together perfectly and make an absolutely great song.

“No Matter What” is the closing song on the EP, and is also one of the others that stood out for me. The beat has a slight reggae beat to it, which I found intriguing. I would like to see this song get the attention it deserves, as it really offers something different than the standard rock song, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Want to learn more about Midday Swim? Here’s your chance, read our interview with them:

Rating: 4/5

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