Review – Eohum

By: Lindsay Newman

Album: Revelations, Aurora Of An Epoch
Release Date: April 7, 2015
Genre: Metal

Eohum is a metal band from Montreal, Quebec. They are in the process of releasing their first debut album Revelations, Aurora Of An Epoch.  The band is Annie Perreault (French horn), J.R Perkins (guitar), Sylvain Dumont (guitar), James Heymans (bass), Luca Belviso (drums) and Barrie Butler (vocals).

I enjoyed this album because it is different then most metal albums. At the beginning there was an intro that I thought was different. That intro is not something you hear everyday in a metal album. The intro flowed right into the next song, which I really enjoyed.

I cannot pick one song that I do not like. Every song sounded different the previous song. Having that made me want to keep listening to see what other songs the band was coming up with. I also enjoy how the band has different instruments than a normal metal band.

If you’re into metal I suggest giving this album a listen.

Rating: 4.5/5

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