Review – Divo

By: Jordyn Meade-Baxter

Album – Transatlantic Soul
Download Link –
Release Date – March 10, 2015
Genre – Hip Hop

Divo, a Toronto hip hop artist, released his newest album, “Transatlantic Soul” today. It is a collaboration between him and French composer, GMJ. Also featured on the album are rappers Dan-e-o and D.O.

The album is a good example of how hip hop can be powerful without being too much. By that I mean I don’t feel like Divo tried to be aggressive in the way the raps are delivered. It has this smooth and yet still strong rap that anyone can enjoy. It is catchy and I find myself dancing in my seat while listening to it. The background music compliments the rapping very well.

I really love the song “The One” which features D.O and Tahnee Michelle. The mix of voices is what really draws me in. They complement each other well.

Another great song off this album is “We Get Live”. I find it is the catchiest in my opinion. I love dancing to this one and I feel like this is something I’ll put on to have a dance party of one in my room.

Rating: 4/5

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