Review – À La Mode

By: Lizzie Sharpe

EP: À La Mode
Music Link:
Release Date: December 14th, 2014
Genre: Indie Pop

À La Mode is an indie pop singer/song writer from Winnipeg. She was on the list for Best song in 2013 as part of Silent Shout’s respective as position 12. À La Mode is said to have Whimsically sweet melodies.

À La Mode has released a self titled EP that has 3 tracks. Each track has it’s a very unique sound and gives off a relaxed vibe to the listener. The first track off the EP is called Mountaintop, it is one of my favorites, it tells a story of getting over hoarders in life and having someone else join the journey with you. It can have many interoperations for it but that’s the one I get from it. The last song on the EP is called New Leaves, its the slowest song on the album and has a nice piano melody in the background to give it a whole new listening experience. I found myself listening more to the instruments of the song then the actual lyrics.

Rating 4/5

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