Review – The Pink Flowers

By: Remington Fioraso

Album: Joy
Download Link:
Genre: Garage pop
Release Date: January 19, 2015

The Pink Flowers are a garage pop duo based in Toronto, Ontario.  The duo is formed by Ryan Faist and Nolan Bennett.  In 2014, they released two mixtapes online.  They released their EP entitled “Joy” on January 19, 2015 through Soundcloud.  The release consists of three tracks including the single “Kids.”

After listening to “Joy,” it is a solid release.  The opening track “Kids” is the most upbeat track while the second and third (“Wallflower” and “Agnosia”) slow down the tempo.  I liked the blend of vocals and instrumentals.  I found it interesting that the album was recorded in a garage – it simply sounds really good.  The album overall is enjoyable to listen to.  My favourite track, however, is “Kids.”  I recommend checking out the track and video for “Kids” first.  If you like it, check out the rest of the EP on Soundcloud.

Rating: 3/5

Connect with The Pink Flowers at:

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