Show Review – Dallas Smith

By: Lizzie Sharpe

What: Dallas Smith Tippin’ Point Tour
When: January 20, 2015
Where: Belleville Empire Theatre

Dallas Smith has just recently released a new album called “Lifted”. He has gotten one number hit song of the lifted so far called “Wastin Gas”. With every new album a tour usually follows and Dallas Smith did not let his fans down and has gone on tour to promote Lifted. The tour is called Tippin Point Tour 2015 and I was lucky enough to get to a show here in the lovely town of Belleville Ontario.

I upgraded my ticket to VIP and got to do the sound check and meet and greet with Dallas. I went to the VIP meet up and was pretty excited for what was to come. We were let into the stage area of the venue and got to watch hoe sound check actually happens and listen to him practice a song he wasn’t sure he was going to play the night of the show. Right after sound check was over we were lead onto the stage and got a up close view of what the stage looks like from their point of view, it is not as big as it looks when you’re just watching from the crowd.

pic 1

After we were all down on the stage we lead up to the room were the meet and greet was being held. It went very quickly, pretty much just a quick hello, how are you? and then your picture was taken and on to the next person. Even though it was quick i still feel like it was satisfying and fully enjoyed the VIP experience.

pic 2

After the VIP stuff was finished and a bit of waiting around it was finally show time! At this point the show was completely sold out and everyone was waiting for the lights to go down. The opening band was called Sunday Best who is a 2 man band from the US. They did a great job of getting the crowd up on their feet and having a good time right from the start.

pic 3

Dallas Smith finally hit the stage with a roar of excitement that had the crowd on their feet instantly. I have just recently became a fan of Dallas Smith so I honestly cannot tell you what the set list included but the mix of songs chosen from his albums really was amazing. He preformed songs that I recognized such as Tippin’ Point, Wastin’ gas, Cheap Seats and Thinkin’ Bout You. I loved Dallas’s crowd interactions throughout the night. He would take pictures with fans during a song and you could tell that they loved it! At the end He preformed three encore songs that included covers such as radioactive and royals. Both were done very well and were some of the best covers I’ve heard done live.

pic 4

I fully enjoyed myself at Dallas Smith’s show, between the use of some crazy lights, the crowd enthusiasm and good live music it was worth every minute. If Dallas Smith ever does a show in your town I would highly recommend you go, you will not regret it.

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