Review – Coastline Pilot

By: Lizzie Sharpe

EP – In Search of New Land
Download Link –
Release Date – January 27th, 2015
Genre – Indie Rock

Indie rock band Coastline Pilot is from Vancouver British Columbia. They consist of 4 band members, twins Thomas and Leo Tesan, bass player Chad Devlin, and drummer Connor Morley. The band has gotten together in 2008, and has a high energy level and will keep their fans dancing.

Coastline Pilot has just released their EP called In Search of New Land. The EP is a step forward for the bands future and will hopefully bring them success. In search of New Land is full of catchy lyrics and rhythm that will keep the listener enjoying all 5 tracks. I have taken a full listen to the EP and have picked two of the songs I liked, which are From the Vine and Van Morrissey. Both songs are enjoyable to listen to and I loved the lyrics. From the Vine is a slower song on the EP but is beautifully written, as where Van Morrissey is a fast up beat song with group vocals and catchy lyrics.

Rating: 4/5

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