Show Review – 94.9 Rockin’ the GTA

By: Yael Gottesman

What: 94.9 Rockin’ the GTA
When: January 24, 2015
Where: The Phoenix Concert Theatre, Toronto

Last night while most people were probably sleeping, a party came to town; a very loud party; a party for young and old. Rock fans and head bangers alike gathered at The Phoenix Concert Theatre, for what would be an unforgettable night; a night called 94.9 Rockin’ the GTA. The event was put on by radio station 94.9 The Rock and the purpose was to showcase unsigned talent. Upon my arrival, I had noticed that there was quite a large amount of people there; more so than I would have expected. However, seeing as this was my first time at any sort of rock concert, I really didn’t know what to expect. People were mingling, drinking and laughing, whether they knew each other or not.

Shortly after, the first band Bleeding Lights, was introduced. They had a great sound, and made great use of the space they had on stage. Something I think that is so important when you are a performer is a great stage presence, and they interacted with the crowd which had everyone loving them. For someone who’s not a hard-core rock and metal fan, like myself, they had a few songs for you too!

bleeding lights

After Bleeding Lights opened the night with a killer set, the duo Lost Cause was introduced. This was where all the head bangers moved to the front of the stage. Lost Cause, as well, made very good use of the stage, and I found that other than the head bangers, the crowd was not as high energy as they were for Bleeding Lights, but they did let the crowd sing and they seemed to like that. One thing I really liked about them was that they talked about how they wrote a song to show the listeners that they work hard and put themselves into everything they do, which goes a long way in the music world today, where all genres are competing against one another.

lose cause

Blind Race was second to last with their very long set. They get 10/10 for their stage effects. They came on stage with a fog machine and strobe lights everywhere; a great way to capture the audience’s attention. Personally I loved their sound, and my favourite song of theirs is Hypocrite. After seeing the fog machine and seeing their performance of Hypocrite, the crowd was drawn to them; even more so when the lead singer took off his shirt and gave it to a girl in the crowd. They were energetic throughout their entire set, and at the end announced they were giving the crowd their CD for free.

blind race

The fourth and final band of the night is who a lot of the crowd came to see. Breached closed off the night in a huge way! They came on stage with very colourful lights and amazing effects. Like the other bands, they interacted with the crowd. I love their sound, and I went into last night thinking I was going to hate it!


Last night, essentially was their night, as it was their video release party to celebrate the release of their brand new music video for their single “Piece By Piece”. This was a first, because it was a (probably first ever) interactive music video. Though a lot of time was spent fixing technical difficulties, the video finally played after fixing the glitches. The band had the room split in half, choosing a side of the room. Watching the video from a big screen, depending the side of the room you were on, the ending to the music video may have been different, because the crowd got to pick the ending. That was definitely a crowd favourite.


After the video was over, Breached did a meet and greet for those who wanted to meet them and buy their merch. Fans got to take pictures and have a conversation with their favourite band. I got to meet them too. They are some of the nicest, most approachable people I’ve met, with a great sense of humour. I loved chatting with them; and they even gave me free CD’s (shh!) I think it’s safe to say they have a new fan.

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