Review – Mr. Goshness

By: Lindsay Newman

Album: A Guide To All Things Twisted
Download Link:
Release Date: November 4, 2014
Genre: Rock/ Pop/ Indie

Mr. Goshness is rock/ pop band from Nanimo, BC. The band formed in 2010. Mr. Goshness is Mark Tardif (Vocals, Guitar), Kaliandra Capri (Vocals, Guitar), Aidaen Carson (Keys), Myles Dunne (Bass), Zack Friend (Drums).

A Guide to all things twisted is an amazing album and I really enjoyed listening to it. It is different then what most people listen to but personally that is what I look for in music. I enjoyed how both of the lead singers could change the range in their voice and hit different notes that could be challenging for others. I also enjoyed the different elements in all of the instruments and how one song is not like the other.

Some of my favourites on the album are “Resoloutions”, “Drank Too Much Wine”, “The Nervous Kind” and “For The Cause”.

Mr.Goshness are giving away the song “Resoloutions” for free for the month of January so make sure to pick the song up and give it a listen.

Rating: 5/5

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