Show Review – Jordan Pritchett

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By: Remington Fioraso

Who: Jordan Pritchett
Where: Gabby’s Country Cabaret in Langley, BC
When: August 28, 2014

You might recognize Jordan ‘JP’ Pritchett from Faber Drive or the Chris Buck Band, however, he is also performing under his own name. Joining Jordan on stage for the first of four nights at Gabby’s on the long weekend were Seamus O’Neill on drums, Phillip Puxley on guitar/banjo/vocals, and Jeremy ‘Krikit’ Liddle on bass. The last time I saw JP play as a solo artist, it was an acoustic set so it was cool to see him play with a full band.

The cover-filled event saw the guys perform songs from numerous artists including Luke Bryan, Backstreet Boys, Florida Georgia Line, Serena Ryder, and Def Leopard. Instead of going through each set, thought I would touch on a couple of the highlights for me.

Taking a step back from guitar during the third set, Pritchett slowed it down a bit and focused solely on the vocals for “Shameless.” Although it is difficult to live up to Garth Brooks’ version, it was one of the songs that stood out the most the night. Job well done.

The phrase “the apple don’t fall from the tree” definitely fits in. If you unaware, Jordan is the son of country singer Aaron Pritchett. During the four sets, JP covered a few of his dad’s songs including “New Frontier,” “Let’s Get Rowdy,” “Hold My Beer,” and Aaron’s latest single “Boat on the Water.” Having seen both perform the songs, it’s interesting and simply put it, pretty awesome.

JP definitely continues to be one of my favourite musicians to see perform live. He is a talented vocalist and guitarist. It is really cool to see him take centre stage instead of a song here and there or primarily backing vocals. The one thing I would really like to see in the future is at least a few original songs thrown in to compliment the covers performed (which is a slight hint/nudge to incorporate such).

In addition to going on about JP, major props go to the rest of the guys. Seamus is one of, if not the best, drummers I’ve seen perform so far. Puxley is amazing – It was awesome hearing “Johnny Be Good” again. It was my first time seeing Krikit not playing under Faber Drive (although 3/4 playing on the day are with FD) and playing country music. Still my favourite bassist since seeing him play for the first time in September 2008.

Overall, good performance. Well done, Japes, well done. Looking forward to seeing what you do in the future because you’re going to go far.

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