Show Review – JRFM’s Basics For Babies Fundraiser

By: Remington Fioraso

Who: Karen Lee, Rod Black, Madeline Merlo & Bands On The Run
Where: Langley Events Centre in Langley, BC
When: December 14, 2014

On December 14, 2014, 93.7 JRFM held their Basics For Babies fundraiser at the Langley Events Centre. The family oriented event included bouncy castles, face painting, silent auctions, and more. In addition, many performances were held by artists receiving airplay on the radio station.


The first artist I was able to see perform of the day was Karen Lee Batten. I initially heard of the singer after her nomination and later win for Female Vocalist of the Year at the BC Country Music Association Awards 2014. However, her set at the event was the first time I got to hear her songs. I really liked her performance, especially her vocals. The song standing out the most for me was her song “Stronger.” I am definitely keeping an ear out for more of her discography!


The second artist I was able to see perform was the Rod Black Band. In addition to Rod Black, the band included Jason Pritchett on bass and Jesse Burch on guitar. It was my first time seeing them perform and was definitely impressive. I like the country/rock blend. The song standing out the most for me was “Keepin’ On.” Although highly enjoying the acoustic performance, I am anticipating seeing a full-band performance.


It was my fourth time seeing Madeline Merlo perform – the third at a JRFM/Basic For Babies event. Included in her setlist were songs on her self-titled EP (“Sinking Like a Stone,” “Alive,” and “Meant To Last”) and her new Christmas song “Jolly Ol’ Redneck”. Additionally, two new songs were performed – “Diamond in a Rough Day” and “Young Love and Old Cars.” I really enjoyed Madeline’s set. She has a phenomenal voice and I am looking forward to her upcoming 2015 release.


An unexpected moment following Madeline’s set was a performance by the bands featured on the Bands on the Run tour. Although it was announced that Doc Walker, The Road Hammers, and Blackjack Billy would do a meet and greet with fans, all three took the stage. American band Blackjack Billy performed their song “Got a Feeling.” Doc Walker performed “Rocket Girl.” Finally, The Road Hammers performed “Mud.” I thought the three songs performed by the artists were amazing. Upon listening to the songs on repeat prior, it was exciting to hear them live!

If you have yet to see each of the artists perform, I highly recommend doing so. If unable to, I would definitely check them out online!

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