Interview – Secret Broadcast

Forming in Calgary, Alberta, Secret Broadcast is a rock band based out of Toronto, Ontario. Secret Broadcast consisting of members Matt Lightstone on guitar and vocals and Keith Heppler on drums.  Produced by Adam Kasper (Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam), their new album entitled “Filthy Souls” contains their fifth straight top-40 single “More Than Friends”.  They have a few upcoming dates for the summer and if you are able to go to a show, I highly encourage you to do so.

07/31/14 St. John’s, NL – The Levee

08/02/14 St John’s NL – Trapper John’s (George Street Festival)

08/07/14 Dartmouth, NS – Montes

08/08/14 Halifax, NS – Seahorse Tavern​

How did you guys meet?

SB: We met through a craigslist ad. Just to clarify, it was not the casual encounters section.

What differences have you seen between the Calgary and Toronto music scenes?

SB: Both cities have thriving music communities and some great artists. The only difference I’ve noticed is that there is probably more diversity in styles in Toronto purely based on the amount of people.

Who are your influences when writing?

SB: I try not to think too much about any other artist when I’m writing to avoid recreating someone else’s art, but as a band, we’re influenced by a number of artists including Queens of the Stone Age, Nirvana, Dandy Warhols, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Elliott Smith, and The Beatles.

As the songs on Filthy Souls are more personal, was the album more difficult to write?

SB: It was probably easier to write once I committed to the idea of trying to be honest. The music and the lyrics came together pretty easily.

For the album, you had the opportunity to work with producer Adam Kasper. How did you come across working with him?

SB: We’ve been fans of his work for years and decided that he would be the perfect fit to help us make a big sounding rock album. I contacted him about working together and he was really enthusiastic about the songs we were writing.

What was your experience recording at Robert Lang Studios in Seattle?

SB: It was quite a thrill. Robert Lang Studios has a lot of history and some great artists have recorded in the space including Nirvana and Foo Fighters.  The studio itself is also inside a beautiful Spanish styled villa overlooking the water and we were lucky enough to live there during the making of the album.

What can fans expect when they see you on tour?

SB: It’s rock and roll, so anything goes. Sometimes we’ll end up in the crowd and sometimes we end up bruised and bleeding. The energy from the audience has a lot to do with how each show turns out.

At Canadian Beats, we like to include fun questions to help fans get to know you more. Here it goes…

What is your favourite movie?

SB: Pee-wee’s Big Adventure

Who is your favourite superhero?

SB: Spider-man

If you could have any superpower, what would it be and what would you do with it?

SB: The ability to teleport would really help making touring a lot easier.

Is there anything else you would like to say to your fans?

SB: We will see you all soon in a city near you.

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