Interview – Alone I Walk

By: Remington Fioraso

You may recognize Franky Courcelles as the touring drummer for Charlie Monter, but he also performs as a solo artist under ‘Alone I Walk’. From Ste. Agathe, Manitoba, Alone I Walk is an acoustic/folk artist. He has released his first EP, “Me EP” earlier this year and is currently on his own “Be Yourself” tour. I had the opportunity to do an email interview with Courcelles. Keep on reading to find out more about him.

Who are your influences?

My biggest influences would have to be my family, without them I would never have picked up an instrument.

When performing, how does it feel to perform as a solo artist as opposed to a group?

Playing in a group is an amazing experience because you get the sense of working as a team , but being solo is just what I love because I feel I can express everything through the way I play my tunes.

What have been your favourite moments of the Be Yourself tour?

So far I’m only on day 3 of the Be Yourself Tour, there have been lots of exciting things though , one of the best moments that gave me a boost of confidence and happiness was after I played on John’s Music Stage in Moose Jaw there were these 2 girls that came to see me to tell me I did a good job and to ask me if there was any place they could find me on some social networks , I gave them my info and then not even 40 minutes later my twitter and Instagram blew up with tweets from them , that had to have been the best thing so far.

What has been your favourite song to play live?

Sail With Me is probably one of my favorite tunes to play for the simple reason that it’s the first tune I ever wrote as Alone I Walk and it has a good vibes kinda feel to it.

When did you begin playing instruments?

The first time I played an instrument It was around the age of 4 years old.

What have been some of your inspirations while writing?

My biggest inspiration for writing comes from life and what’s going on in the world , I find writing about everyday life can impact the people listening because they could relate to the song , and everyone likes to relate too the music.

What is next in store for Alone I Walk?

There are a few big things that are planned for Alone I Walk, for starters in August I will be back on the road for 2 weeks touring all the way to Vancouver , with the band Broadview from Winnipeg and in October I’m planning on going back into the studio to record a 7-8 track album that has a completely different feel then what Alone I Walk has at the moment.

At Canadian Beats, we like to include fun questions to help fans get to know you a bit more. So here it goes…

Who are your favourite Canadian artists?

There are quite a few that I enjoy but my favorite Canadian artist is Dallas Green (City and Colour)

Who is your favourite superhero?

I have always been a huge fan of anime so I’m gonna have to say Naruto Uzumaki from the anime series Naruto.

What is one things fans might not know about you?

I am a vegetarian, not a lot of people know this about me , the other day I was playing as Sidewalk Days and a guy enjoyed my music so he brought me a stir fry with meats and vegetables but I had to refuse, then he yelled at his friend with a thick Thai accent “HE’S A VEGETARIAN!!”

What are your guilty pleasures?

My guilty pleasure would have to be coffee and cigarettes there’s something about that combination that I enjoy.

Is there anything else you would like to say to your fans?

All I really wanna tell the fans is , thank you for sticking around this past year and a half, it has been very life changing for me , without you guys none of this would be possible, so thank you fans, thank you friends , thank you familys. Live Free, Stay Happy, Stay Positive, Smile Much.

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