Review – Fayne

By: Lindsay Newman

EP: The Queen of Kings
Download link:
Genre: Metal
Release Date: November 20, 2014

Montreal based band Fayne has just released their third EP “The Queen of Kings” after being on hiatus since 2008. Fayne is Alex Gonzalez (guitar), Chris Kasp (bass), Joseph Espinosa (vocals), Nick Fazioli (guitar) and Carlo De Luliis (drums).

After being on hiatus since 2008 Fayne did not disappoint with this EP. They had different instrumental elements to the songs that I really enjoyed. I thought that the vocalist was very talented and how he can change his voice.

This EP is for metal lovers because of the different elements of it. Some of my favourites on the EP were “Believers”, “Iconic Fight” and “Concord”.

Rating: 4/5

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