Interview – Chelsea Crites

By: Remington Fioraso

Chelsea Crites is a country singer from Port Colbourne, Ontario. Stay tuned for her upcoming EP set to be released later this year! Prior to the release, however, keep on reading to learn more about this rising country singer!

Who are your influences?

CC: My influences would definitely have to be Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert but I love incorporating classic country into my own music such as Pasty Cline and Loretta Lynn.

When did you know you wanted to pursue country music?

CC: When I did my first talent show when I was 7 years old, i sang “Crazy” By Pasty Cline and fell in love with performing on stage ever since.

When you write, who or what do take inspiration from?

CC: When I write I usually take inspiration from anyone and anything ! , It could be an experience I have been through first hand or it could be something I have heard from close friends and family that inspire me to write a song , even the beach , clouds and weather in a split second could inspire a song for me to put my heart into !

What can fans expect with your upcoming EP?

CC: LOTS of exciting new songs , I am very proud of this album along my musical career I have been saying “quality have no important time” I based the process of my whole album on this quote I worked very hard writing my own songs , and even picking the perfect songs from songwriters that had presented some fantastic songs to me , Along with being my best while recording it was an incredible experience fans can really look forward to listening to fun upbeat songs along with heartfelt ones as well that are extremely relate-able and easy to listen to !

How was it like working in Nashville?

CC: Working in Nashville is one of the best experience I’ve had travelling all over Canada really prepare me for that but being able to be in the city where you can ultimately feel the heart of country music is just magical! , I got to work with the most incredible people there i go to Nashville very often every few months and i always have the time of my life !

At Canadian Beats, we like to include a few fun questions to help fans get to know you a bit more. So here it goes…

Who are your favourite Canadian artists?

CC: Carrie Underwood , Miranda Lambert , Blake Shelton , Luke Bryan , Garth Brooks , and the list goes on i respect every single country music artist in the business !

What is your favourite food?

CC: I love Pizza , Pasta and Sushi !

Do you have any hidden talents?

CC: BAKING! I absolutely love baking but just like any girl i love fashion , i have been working on designing my own clothes !

What is your favourite thing to do in the summer?

CC: When I get a day off its such a treat for me to go to the beach and relax with my family !

What is your favourite TV show?

CC: There’s so many I could name but my all time favorite show is Dance Mom’s its inspiring AND funny!

Is there anything else you would like to say to your fans?

CC: I would love to tell my fans how much their support means to me and how my fan base has grown over the years gaining not only people who are so supportive of my music and journey but i consider them all my friends everyone who takes the time to “Like” and “Share” my posts “Comment” and give their support to “tweeting and retweeting” me and coming out to live shows and meet and greets truly makes everything i do worth it!

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