Review – The Dinner Belles

By: Lindsay Newman

Album: The River and the Willow
Itunes Link:
Genre: Folk./Country
Release Date: October 28, 2014

The Dinner Belles hail from Hamilton, Ontario. Scott Bell, Brandon Bliss, Greg Brisco, Jonathan Ely Cass, Brad Germain, Terra Lightfoot and Melanie Pothier create The Dinner Belles. The recently released their sophomore album “The River and The Willow” in October.

Since this is their sophomore album I was excited to hear how well they sounded together and they did not disappoint I caught myself dancing to many of the songs on the album.

I enjoyed how they had some faster songs and then went into some slower songs on the album such as “The River And The Willow”. If you enjoy country and folk music this album is worth the listen. Some of my favourites on the album are “The River And The Willow”, “Wandering Eye” and “Back Home (In The Valley).

The Dinner Belles recently released their debut music video for “Wandering Eye” . Check it out here:

Rating: 4/5

The Dinner Belles on Social Media:

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