Review – Idol Of Fear

By: Lindsay Newman

Album: All Sights Affixed, Ablaze
Genre: Metal
Release Date: November 18,2014

Idol of Fear come from Toronto, ON and have just released their new digital album “All Sights Affixed, Ablaze” on November 18,2014. The band is Austin (guitar & vocals), Dave (guitar), Johnny (bass, back up vocals) and Doug (drums).

Idol of Fear has been a band since 2011,which is shown through their music. They are very talented in their style and it is shown in the album. I enjoyed the different elements of their music because it had me engaged the entire time.

Some of my favourites on the album were “It Demands” , “It Militates” and “Carrion”. I liked these because it showed different styles of their music. This element is good because it keeps the audience intrigued the entire time they are listening to the album. I was impressed with the album and I would recommend it to metal fans.

Rating: 4/5

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