Review – Isobel Trigger

By: Lindsay Newman

EP: Nocturnal
Download Link:
Genre: Pop/Rock
Release Date: August 12,2014

Isobel Trigger hailing from Victoria, BC just recently released her EP in August called Nocturnal. The band is Felicia Harding (Vocals/Synth), Brett Faulkner (lead guitar), Kyle Lowther (bass) and Ariel Tseng (drums). They recently signed to Cordova Bay Records and their EP is available on Itunes.

The EP was very well done and got a sense of how the band writes and their style. To me the band has a mix of La Roux and Florence and the Machine. The tracks that I enjoyed the most were “Sugar Cube” and “Carry On”.

The band recently finished their fall tour with REND starting in Victoria, BC and ending in Edmonton, AB. If you enjoy styles like La Roux, Robyn and Florence and the Machine this is the EP for you.

Rating: 4/5

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