Interview – Isobel Trigger

By: Tara Thompson

Hailing from Victoria, BC, Isobel Trigger are an alt/pop-rock band who just released their first EP, Nocturnal, with Cordova Bay Records. The EP features five original tracks with Felicia Harding on vocal/synth, Brett Faulkner on lead guitar, Kyle Lowther on bass and Ariel Tseng on drums. I asked the band a few questions about the album and their win of The Zone 91.3’s Band of The Month earlier this year.

Starting off, can you give the readers a little history of the band?

Ariel: We’re all siblings, and we’re a family band. Brett was adopted, that’s why he looks different. Yeah, sure, we bicker and fight, but at the end of the day, we’re family and we stick together.

Felicia: That is all a lie – Brett is NOT adopted! Haha but seriously, the three of us are not siblings, though sometimes it feels like it! We live together in a big music house and laugh, cry and make good music together. Brett and I have been playing together for years and Ariel came into our lives a year and a half ago through what she calls “online dating for bands” (Craigslist)! Isobel Trigger was a twinkle in my eye for a few years but it’s really come to fruition this year with the release of Nocturnal.

Nocturnal was released this past August. What was the writing and recording process like for this EP?

Ariel: The writing process for our songs vary from song to song, but the songs on Nocturnal were written with Felicia bringing the skeleton or idea of a song to the band, and the rest of us filling in our own parts. We recorded three songs with Ryan Worsley of Echoplant Sound in Vancouver and Adam Sutherland of Infiniti Studios in Victoria.

Felicia: It was a great experience working with both producers. Each offered a unique perspective and different methods to try. We were very happy with the result.

You just finished up a Western Canadian tour with REND. What was your favourite show of the tour?

Ariel: My favourite show was Red Deer. We played with this other awesome band called The Dear Kills, the venue was fantastic, and the crowd was lively. Conditions were perfect to have a great time.

Felicia: I’d have to say The Starlite room in Edmonton! It was a great crowd and a really fun room. Definitely special.

How did fans react to the new songs live?

Felicia: They’ve had a great response! People seem more inclined to dance to these songs than any others. It’s been a trip starting to see peeps singing along!

Do you have any plans to tour farther east?

Ariel: Absolutely, we’re currently booking a spring tour and plan to go at least as far as Quebec.

Felica: Then, THE WORLD.

You were the winner of The Zone 91.3’s Band of the Month in April 2014. What was the selection process?

Ariel: We had played a couple of shows where The Zone DJs had been attending. Jon Williams, one of the DJs, was the first one to talk to us about applying for Band of The Month and told us to send some music to The Zone for our application. What was great was that they had already seen us perform live before we applied.

Felicia: We were persistent with them and tried our best to make in impression. It paid off – the Zone crew has been amazingly supportive!

What was your reaction when you found out that you won?

Ariel: I was overjoyed and expressed this by texting the words “crying” to Felicia repeatedly.

Felicia: I was also very excited! …and also slightly worried for Ariel because she kept telling me she was crying….

Who are your main influences?

Ariel: Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Frank Ocean. I started out listening to a lot of pop, R&B, and hip-hop, and I started beat boxing before I ever picked up a pair of drumsticks. So my drumming style is very derivative of that.

Felicia: They are ever changing but my biggest vocal idol is Bjork! Also grew up listening to Michael, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones! JT has a special place in my heart for sure. AH the list is endless.

Is there anyone you’d like to collaborate with in the future?

Felicia: Oh man – so many! Any and all of our influences. Bring it on Justin Timberlake! haha

Since we’re all about Canadian music, who are your favorite Canadian bands/artists?

Ariel: I love Half Moon Run, City and Colour, The Weeknd, Tegan and Sara, and Drake.

Felicia: Second on Tegan and Sara and of course Neil Young. I’m also a huge Tragically Hip Fan and we all love Metric.

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