Review – Lucid Scream

By: Jordyn Meade-Baxter

Album – Lucid Scream
Download Link –
Release Date – September 6, 2014
Genre – Hard Rock/Heavy Metal

Calgary rock band, Lucid Scream has only been together for shortly over a year. When listening to their self titled EP, it sounds like they’ve been together for years. Eric Paulin, Shaddy Elsaghir, Chris LoNigro, Zach Mansfield and Tyler Murzyn have definitely made some pretty rad music.

If I had to describe their sound, I’d use the word “timeless”. It sounds like they’ve really captured the routes of classic rock and metal, but they’ve put their own modern sound to it. They have the epic guitar riffs and insane bass and drum that just pull you in from the first few seconds. The vocals are both hardcore and strong.

Some of my favourite songs off their EP is “Black Widow” (both the original and acoustic versions) and “The Evil”. I feel that these songs best represent the entire package that this band has.

Rating: 5/5

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