Review – Bass Lions

By: Amanda Hather

EP – Bass Lions
iTunes Link –
Release Date – October 28th, 2014
Label – Fortnight Music
Genre – Alternative

Ontario band Bass Lions released their self-titled EP on October 28th. This follows their previous releases ‘Bass Lions Is Diamonds’ in 2010 and ‘More Than Islands’ in 2009. The band includes members James Vander Zaag, Daniel Stretch, Anthony James, and Nathan Stretch.

This five song album is definitely something you probably haven’t heard before. Hard to pin down to one genre, this indie sound gives off a relaxed vibe, perfect for that playlist you play in the background while working or driving. The lead single “We Got Guts” is followed by “Arm Over Arm”, “Body Doubles”, “Flame-Faced Children”, and “Be Your Man”. If you wanted to get a feel for this album before purchasing it, your best bet would be to listen to the lead single.

Overall this album is not quite what I expected, but I feel like their fans will highly enjoy it, as well as those who like this genre of music. It has a good flow from song to song, making it easy to listen to.

Rating: 3/5

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