Review – Accursed Spawn

By: Jordyn Meade-Baxter

Album – Putrid
Download Link –
Release Date – October 28, 2014
Genre – Death Metal

Death metal band, Accursed Spawn, released their new EP, Putrid, today. The Ottawa-based band is formed by Paul (Lead Guitar), Adam (Lead Guitar), Luke (Vocals), Mikael (Bass) and Jay (Drums)

Now, most metal albums /EP’s wouldn’t be thought to start off with an acoustic, instrumental song, but that’s what Accursed Spawn did. “Putrid” is a slower song, that speeds up later on. It was a good intro for tricking you into thinking these guys changed their sound on you… that is until you get to the next one.

“Sedate to Mutilate” is the complete opposite, and definitely shows their extreme style. The vocals are dark, the pace is very upbeat and there is an insane guitar rift near the middle of the song.

The other three songs each are this insane, aggressively loud sound that anyone who wants to unleash their inner angst would enjoy.

Rating: 4/5

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