Review – Cat Thomson

By: Amanda Hather

EP – Puzzle
iTunes Link –
Release Date – October 22nd, 2014
Label – 604 Records
Genre – Adult Contemporary

604 Records artist Cat Thomson has released her debut EP, ‘Puzzle’. The six track release follows her first single released a year ago, “Sticks & Stones”. The EP has hauntingly beautiful vocals and incredible backing music.

‘Puzzle’ may only have six songs, but it is enough to get her fans hooked. Each song is fantastic, but the title track, “Daddy’s Little Girl”, and “Goodbye”, would have to be myfavourites. “Puzzle” has a lot of piano accompanying Cat’s vocals, giving it a slower, powerful vibe to it. “Daddy’s Little Girl” also has piano but my favourite part about it would be the guitar, giving it a darker sound. “Goodbye” also has a lot of piano, also giving it a slower sound.

‘Puzzle’ is incredibly impressive and a solid debut for Cat. Definitely one of the best debuts I’ve heard. Fans are sure to fall in love with this EP and it will leave them impatient to see what she does next.

Rating: 5/5

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