Review – Viathyn

By: Jordyn Meade-Baxter

Album – Cynosure
Download Link –
Release Date – October 7, 2014
Genre – Progressive Power Metal

Calgary metal band, VIATHYN, released their album Cynosure today. The band is made up of Tomislav Crnkovic on vocals and guitar, Jacob Wright on the lead guitar, Dave Crnkovic playing the drums and Alex Kot on the bass. I was lucky to get an advanced listen to share my opinion with you all.

This album is said to be a journey, and what a journey it is! You can really feel like you’re in an adventure movie with the soundtrack as the lyrics tell the plot. A unique thing I find about this album is that every song is really long. And I don’t mean long as in a long listen where you get bored. None of the songs are shorter than 5 minutes but it doesn’t feel like you drag on. They carry you and pull you in with every second, every note, and every word.

Now, I am not usually familiar or really into this type of music, but these guys may have gotten me intrigued and would love to listen to more. I would recommend this Cynosure to people with a lot of different preferences. The sound is something that can be appreciated by many people, not just ones who are avid listeners of progressive power metal.

Rating: 4/5

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