Show Review – Down With Webster & Dirty Radio

Review & Dirty Radio Photos by: Jordyn Meade-Baxter
Down With Webster Photos by: Jeannette Thibodeau

For only the second time ever, Down With Webster partied on a Fredericton stage Friday night. We were lucky enough to be the first stop on their “PFYL East Coast” tour. Joining them on the tour is Vancouver dance trio, Dirty Radio. Us east coasters showed these party guys that we can go crazy too- east coast style!

It was a night of firsts for both me and Dirty Radio. It was the first set, their first time on the east coast and my first time listening to them. Listening to them live was definitely a great way of introducing me to their music. Dirty Radio played a few unreleased songs, one of my favourites being “Jiggle It”. It was a super fun song t and the crowd around me seemed to really enjoy it, too. Another favourite of mine was a beat-box cover of Justin Timberlake’s song “Cry Me a River”… yes, beat-box. Lead man, Farshad aka “Shaddy” started off by mixing up some beat-boxing and surprised everyone. These guys blew my mind and any expectations out of the water. I mean, who else would end a set with the national anthem?


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Next up was Down With Webster. I had already seen them play once before, but I am never bored watching them. It was their second time playing in little ol’ Fredericton, first after touring with Marianas Trench. The set opened up with Diggy the DJ playing a mix of popular songs and it was a great way to start up the excitement. Lead men, Bucky, Camm and Pat like to keep the crowd bouncing and dancing. They played crowd favourites “Time To Win”, “Rich Girls”, “Woah Is Me”, “Royalty” and my personal favourite “Don’t Even Care”. The audience was yelling and screaming the whole time, singing along with the music, no wonder why I lost my voice by the end of the night.



Camm has been working on some of his solo stuff, and decided to treat us by playing some of it. He played his newest single called “Oh Lord” and another one called “Well Now”. I absolutely loved his solo stuff and was really happy when he performed some of it. Pat also came out and did a few acoustic songs with us, including a crowd pleaser- “Grind”. Marty played a couple drums solos that got everyone rallied up for the second half of the show. After what we thought was the end of the show, and the crowd yelling for an encore, the band came back on. Bucky got us so loud we got three more songs. They finished the show with “Chils”. Everyone had a good time and I really hope they come back soon. If you get a chance to catch these guys on tour, you will not be disappointed.


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