Interview – Young Running

By: Jordyn Meade-Baxter

Liam Kearney, James Moss, Spencer Irvine and Kevin Braun make up the indie folk-pop quartet known as Young Running. Based in “The Junction”, Toronto, these guys are bringing the simplicity back to music and bringing the roots back to basics. On September 9th, they will be releasing their third album called “Small Town City” and will be also touring Western Canada in September. To find out more about Young Running, check out this interview!

How did you first form as a band? Was it a process or band at first sight?

It has definitely been a process. Liam and James have been playing together for about a decade at this point. Spencer joined up about 6 years ago and Kevin has been a part of Young Running for3 years.

What is the inspiration for your songs?

Liam gets his inspiration from all life experiences. In his younger years he mostly wrote stories based on experience with the natural world but as the years went by his focus shifted to interpersonal relationships.
Life plus lack of sleep generally leads to new songs.

How do you think you are able to bring music “back to the basics” and still manage keep it individualized?

In our younger years, they always tried to make the music very novel. However, as of late Liam has been letting it flow out without the mind-set that it has to be different.

The individuality comes from the personalities that make up Young Running. The play between the members is the fingerprint.

How would you say you make your songs both fact and fiction?

Liam always wanted to be a novelist which is where the fiction element comes from. Though always drawing from personal experience, he weaves his imagination throughout.

How would you describe your band’s personality?

Young Running is playful, honest, and simple.

What is some advice you would give to someone trying to write their own music? Do you feel that it is a process that is different for everyone?

Write as much as possible. Not every song is going to be a winner and if one has that mindset, nothing will get finished. So finish every song you start no matter how you feel about it!

Writing is very personalized. Find the time when your creativity flows best and use it.

What song of yours do you think best describes you?

Depends on the day.

For the fans, we like to add some different and fun questions to the interviews. Here are a few:

If you could make a dream lineup to tour with, who would they be?

Union Duke and The Beauties.

What would be an alternate name for your band that still grasps the essence of Young Running?

Wood & Waves

How would you describe each of the band members if you could only use one word?

Liam: nocturnal
Kevin: strong
James: playful
Spence: cold-blooded

Is there anything you would like to add and say to the fans?

Come see us live. We want to see your smiling faces.

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