Review – The Method

By: Jenna Melanson

Album – The Method
Release Date – August 6, 2014
Purchase Link –
Genre – Rock
Label – Meadowcrest Records

Kingston, Ontario based band, The Method consists of members, Dave Hewitt (Vocals, Guitar), Adam Simkins (Guitar), Brock Jamieson (Drums), & Gus Chiggins (Guitar). The band released their self-titled album on August 6, 2014 which is made up of ten songs.

The album starts off with “Mr. Incredulous”, a high energy rock track that keeps your full attention. The vocals are a unique blend of rock and punk sound. I really enjoy this song and I find it’s a great choice for the album opener.

If you are looking for a less intense sounding song, I recommend track number 4, “What I See”, which has a slower, almost classic rock sound. It’s the type of song you can easily sing along with and will get stuck in your head.

Throughout the whole album there is a perfect mix of high energy songs, as well as the slower tracks. There is something for everyone on here. I am generally pulled towards upbeat songs, and this album is no different in that case, my favourites are “Mr. Incredulous”, “The Truth”, and “Hands Come Clean”.

I believe I can safely assume that The Method would be a great band to see live, I think their show would be full of energy and enthusiasm, which shows in their music and makes it completely clear that these guys love what they are doing, and that is what makes a great show.

Rating: 3.5/5

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