Review – Erika Kulnys

By: Jenna Melanson

Album – Year of the Water Snake
Release Date – July 8, 2014
Download Link –
Genre – Pop/ Folk
Label – Indie

Nova Scotia born artist, Erika Kulnys has released her newest album, “Year Of The Water Snake” on July 8, 2014. Her previous albums, “Hurricane”, “Wings” and “Revolution” were successful and leads me to believe this one will be as well. If you want to see what former Canadian Beats writer, Jessica Lewis thought of “Wings”, you can see her review here:

Now back to the topic at hand, “Year of the Water Snake” features 14 pop/ folk tracks. Erika has a very unique and pleasant voice that has the ability to calm me. I was instantly pulled in and entranced by the fourth song “Forest”, as well as the following song, “The River Flows Onwards”. These are two of the more “folksy” songs, in my opinion, and I quite enjoyed them.

If you’re looking for more of the pop style songs, then I would recommend “Love’s A Shark”, “Katie”, and “Driving Into Summer”. Even though I’m saying they are “pop”, that doesn’t mean that they don’t have that same Folk flare, with a touch of jazz.

Erika has a talent of pulling you in and making you want to hear more. I highly recommend the album to anyone who is a fan of Folk, Pop, Jazz or Country. There is something on here for fans of all of those genres.

Rating: 4/5

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