Review – Cassie Steele

By: Emily Thomson

Title: Patterns
Genre: R&B
Release Date: August 12, 2014

Cassie Steele is a singer and actress. You might know her as Manny from Degrassi. Cassie is mentored by Randy Jackson from American Idol. She released her EP ‘Patterns’ last month.

After listening to this EP is hard to choose just a few songs to focus on. I’d have to say my favorite on the album are ‘Dreams’ and ‘Sick’

‘Dreams’ has an awesome beat in the beginning and throughout the song. The lyrics are very powerful and inspiring. Cassie did a really good job on the lead vocals as well as the background vocals. The lyrics go perfectly with the melody and beat. This song could definitely be used to inspire someone.

I really love the intro of ‘Sick’. The lyrics are well written. Cassie uses different pitches throughout the song and it really goes with the theme of the song. The song compares to her single ‘Mad’.

I highly recommend checking out this album whether your a Degrassi fan or not. It is a very well written and powerful EP.

Rating: 4/5

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