Review – Display of Decay

Outbreak Of Infection by Display Of Decay
Released: August 26th 2014

The Band:
Tyler Goudreau- Bass and Vocals
Shawn Watson – Lead Guitar, Background Vocals
Jeremy Puffer- Rhythm Guitar
Avery Desmarais- Drums

What’s up metalheads, m/iki Dom with you tonight it’s been a while hehe! Tonight we are going brutal death metal with Edmonton’s metalers Display Of Decay… These guys aren’t newcomers on the Canadian metal scene, they are rather well established with this EP being their fourth release overall, these guys need no introduction anymore… So let’s talk about this new EP of theirs called Outbreak Of Infection… The Ep contains 4 original song and a cover of the legendary Black Diamond by Kiss a daring choice in my opinion since the people’s… especially metalheads’ opinion on Kiss is pretty varied but i’ll come back to that… let’s talk about the original stuff… The EP Opens with Born Of Rot a pretty good example of what sludge and death metal blended together sound like with some doom influences here and there i really don’t hate the blend it think it’s clever… This band has many doom metal influences with slow but heavy beats and very low growls thee really are on the verge of being a complete doom metal but they do have some sludge and death metal influences too so at time it gets confusing haha! and well let’s talk about that Kiss cover for the people who know and love Kiss this song can be an outrage mostly because they’ll miss the original vocals but mainly and for the most part this version isn’t that bad but as a Kiss fan I just can’t listen to it… According to me only Kiss can play Kiss music but hey it’s only me… So here is my quote

m/iki’s seal of approval quote 4/5

Not a bad album, i’d recommend more towards doom metal fans because it is rather slow and low for fans of faster death metal… it is still worth checking out… not a perfect album but a solid effort whatsoever!

1. Born Of Rot
2. Manchurian Candidate
3. Praise The Gore
4. Outbreak Of Infection
5. Black Diamond

Well that’s all for me folks hope you enjoyed this little column and i hope to be with you again soon! Check this one out if you can! They are on Bandcamp it is worth a listen!

It was m/iki Dom saying take care, good night and stay metalheads


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