Review – Where Giants Once Stood

Live Above by Where Giants Once Stood
To Be Released: September 2nd 2014

The Band:
Reshaun Page- Lead Vocals
Jordan Turnbull- Lead Guitar, Background Vocals
Scott Major- Rhythm Guitar, Background Vocals
Austin Hamilton- Drums

What’s up metalheads, m/iki Dom with you tonight and Oh! Have I something pretty epic for you tonight! Brilliant melodic metalcore, that’s what you can expect from the forthcoming Live Above EP by Toronto quartet Where Giants Once Stood.

This album is nothing but a delight to listen to, with 19 minutes of pure raunchy metalcore, once it’s over it only leaves us begging for more… Brilliant melodic metalcore very well built! The guitar work on this album is simply genius, twin guitar harmonies, dropped palm muted riffs, gut bustin’ legatos oh my god! That rocks so much! Vocals are both guttural and clean which is the main foundation of metalcore but usually in this kind of album the clean parts somehow annoy me but not in this one! It fits, it’s everything from classic melodic metal “a la” Iron Maiden to more contemporary brutality it’s just plain awesome! One thing that just blew my mind sky high is the awesome classical guitar part in the song The Damaged… It just caught me off guard and gave me goosebumps… yeah it’s THAT awesome! The production is also very good it sounds good everything is clean, nothing is either too high or too low or misplaced very well produced and coming from a self-produced album I could not as for more! Definitely something to check out when it will be out September 2nd!

m/iki’s seal of approval quote 5/5

Yeah, this EP is flawless in every way it deserves all the marbles it can! Great songs, great performance, great musicianship, great production… Nothing else to say… This is flawless!

1. Living In Security
2. Illuminate
3. The Damaged
4. Myths, Lies and Crimes

Well that’s all for me folks I hope you enjoyed this review and definitely check it out I’m telling you it’s worth it!

It was m/iki Dom saying take care, good night and stay metalheads


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