Interview – Lukay

By: Jeannette Thibodeau & Jenna Melanson

LUKAY has been around in the Canadian music industry for a while now. By working with the one and only Karl Wolf and touring with TREY SONGZ, LUKAY made his place in the R&B/pop industry. His last single, Dance with you, will certainly make you want to get up and dance.

I had the chance to interview with LUKAY by email recently. Here’s more info about his future plans, his next single and more.

Who is your biggest musical inspiration, and why?

Lukay: Michael Jackson. He is unique in every way possible. He’s such a perfectionist in his music, his dance moves, his showmanship and not only was he original and amazing but he was also humble at the same time, and I think many would agree.

You recently shot the video for your new single, “All Night” in Los Angeles. What was your favourite part of the video shoot?

Lukay: I would have to say the whole Venice Beach scene, me and the cast had such a blast.

What has been the reaction from your fans on your new single, “All Night”? Do you find the reaction similar to your previous singles “I’m In Love With Music” and “Dance With You”?

Lukay: The reaction has been amazing, my fans love the versatility in my music. I find that a lot of people are loving this song even more than the last one but then again, everybody has different taste. Overall, they all loved it.

In the past, you worked with Karl Wolf on his hits “Yalla Habibi” and “80’s Baby”, which brought you a lot of recognition. Any plans to work with him again in the near future?

Lukay: No plans set in stone, but I’m sure we will work together again in the future, no doubt, Karl is the homie.

Who else would you like to work with if given the opportunity?

Lukay: Taylor Swift, Lionel Richie and Bruno Mars

Which aspect of your career do you prefer, working as a songwriter, a producer, a musician or a dancer, and why?

Lukay: I would have to say all of the above, because I enjoy doing all of them and it doesn’t feel like work. But if I had to choose one, I would go with musician, because there’s no other feeling like being on stage, and performing in front of a crowd.

If you were to headline your own tour, who would you bring with you as your openers?

Lukay: Miguel, Teyana Taylor

Speaking of touring, when can fans expect to see you touring Canada?

Lukay: Hopefully shortly after my EP is out. The best way to know when and where I’ll be in your town is to stay connected with me on any social media platform @lukaymusic or my website

The single is out, the video is out….what’s next in your world?

Lukay: Expansion. The plan is to make my music cross the borders. We’re looking at Europe, England, Asia, and the U.S

Do you have any advice to give people who would like to get into the Pop/R&B world either as a performer or songwriter/producer?

Lukay: My best advice would be continue to perfect your craft, collaborate with other writers and producers, and most of all research and get to know the music business.

Here are a few fun questions for the fans to get to know you better:

Who are some of your favourite Canadian artists (groups or solo performers)?

Lukay: Drake, Avril Lavigne, Glen Lewis, Melanie Fiona

Do you have any guilty pleasures?

Lukay: I use to be hooked on a show called “Gossip Girl”. I literally watched EVERY episode…lol

Name 3 things you can’t live without.

Lukay: Music, Laptop, Poutine

Finally, is there anything you’d like to say to your fans?

Lukay: I love you with all my heart, I wouldn’t be here without ya’ll. Thank you for your ongoing love and support !

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