Review – The Emptiness

By: Jenna Melanson

Album – Sadie, Hawaii
Release Date – August 1, 2014
Download Link –

Saskatoon based singer/songwriter, Alex Bent, otherwise known as The Emptiness has released an album, “Sadie, Hawaii” to soundcloud. The album includes 11 tracks, with a total running time of 42:37.

The album includes his past single, “Leaving (Jet Plane)” as well as many tracks I hadn’t heard, such as the fifth song on the album, “The Girl Next Door”. This song has a unique sound, but is also very likable. Alex is a talented songwriter, which is clear when you listen to this album.

“Sadie”, the sixth song on the album is his newest single, and I can see why he chose this particular song as the single. It’s an easy listening song that tells a story with the lyrics. This is my favourite song on the album, and I am quite glad that it was chosen as the single. This is the type of song that you will find yourself singing along with in no time.

The tenth track, “Deathbed” has an intense story to be told and the piano adds to the intense sound that I believe Alex is going for on this track.

Each song on the album has it’s own distinct sound, and you can tell how much work was put into the making of the album, which sometimes isn’t so apparent. I recommend you check out the album, you can get the entire album for free from the soundcloud link above.

Rating: 3.5/5

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