Review – Kafirun

Death Worship EP by Kafirun
Recorded at Hora Morior Studio and produced by Kafirun
Released : July 11th 2014

The Band :

Luzifaust Vocals
Hanephi Guitar
Hypnocrotizer Bass
Corpus Vile Drums

What’s up metalheads m/iki Dom here with you today for my first review ever for this great Canadian music related blog… Today i’m here to review the new Vancouver, BC based band Kafirun’s EP Death Worship…

So let’s get right to it… Karifun delivers a straight up ¨In your face¨ blend of brutal death prog metal and with a hint of doom influences… If you lend an attentive ear you can hear some very strong Ihsahn his legendary band Emperor’s influences… Of course this specific type of atmospheric death metal isn’t suited for everybody even in the metal world… It’s a good album very well structured maybe a little poor on the production side but still very powerful and heavy, i’m not a big doom metal fan so those influences in the songs annoy me a bit but that’s just me and the fact that they do means that it is well done and fans of doom metal will absolutely love it! But all in all i think it is worth checking out at least since they have a very brutal sound and kudo on the singer’s vocals it’s raunchy it’s fierce it’s everything we hope for in a death metal singer… great guitar parts too and a drummer that has mastered blast beat school! So definitely check it out if you have the possibility, Give these guys a try it’s worth it!

m/iki’s seal of approval quote : 4/5

Tracklist :

1. Beyond The Flesh Vessel
2. Killer Of All Man
3. Thousand Spears

This was m/iki Dom saying take care and stay metalheads!


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