Review – Norilsk

By: Jordyn Meade-Baxter

Album – Japetus
Download Link –
Release Date – July 22, 2014
Genre – Death Doom

Nicolas Miquelon and Nick Richer make up this death/doom band from Gatineau, Quebec, named Norilsk. They just released their newest EP, “Japetus” came out today. This EP features 3 songs called “Japetus”, “Negatron” and “Potsdam Glo”.

Each song on the EP has a slow kind of feel to it with some light metal sounding screaming. However, each brings a different sound. “Jepatus” has a very intense sound to it and a powerful intro.

“Negatron” has a dark and creepy sound to it. The guitar in the background gives it a really cool eerie feel to it that.

“Potsdam Glo” has very strong, yet soft vocals and great background music to accompany it. This song is definitely my favourite on the album.
This is a great album if you are into the sound of intense music that can pump you up but also do so in a relaxing way.

Rating: 4/5

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