Review – Kirsten Olivia

By: Emily Thomson

Title: T.H.A.N (The Here and Now)
Genre: R&B
Release Date: July 4, 2014

Kirsten Olivia is an R&B singer/songwriter from Halifax, NS. Kirsten’s newest EP ‘T.H.A.N.’ was released in July 4th. I highly recommend you give her EP a listen!

Kirsten has a beautiful and powerful voice throughout this entire EP. Her voice in this EP hits all the notes, from high to low. The lyrics are very powerful and well written.

‘Leave the Past Behind’ is a very powerful and inspiring song. This is type of song that could cheer someone up when their feeling down. Add Kirsten’s voice with these powerful lyrics make this song capable of so much.

‘Stay Away feat Kayo’ has a 90s hip hop vibe to it. This song could be really relatable for some couples. I really love that Kirsten raps a part of the song as well as singing. Kirsten and Kayo’s voices really complement each other’s in this song. This is a song I would love to see performed live.

The opening of ‘Extraordinary Escape’ is beautiful. Kirsten’s voice sounds amazing in this acoustic song. The music really compliments her vocals creating this beautiful song.

After listening to this EP I want to see Kirsten perform live! Be sure to check out this EP, you won’t regret it! Listen and download the EP here:

Band Camp :

Rating: 4/5

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