The Motorleague presents Atlantic Canada: THE RPG

By: Tara Thompson

Moncton based punk band The Motorleague released a video for their song Oh, How The Mighty Have Fallen. This isn’t just a video though, it doubles for the commercial for the video game they also created and released, Atlantic Canada: The RPG.

It’s a 90s style video game similar to Final Fantasy and it features over 200 musicians and members of Atlantic Canada’s music scene. Your character explores different areas of the east coast to defeat a bass playing villain, PJ.

The game is built for a Windows computer but the website gives instructions on how Mac users can also play.

The video/commercial and a free download of the game can be found at this link:

I’m actually writing this before getting a chance to play the game myself but I am incredibly excited to try it out. Not only do I love The Motorleage and think they’re awesome guys, but Don contacted me about a week and a half before it’s release and asked me if I would like to be a character. So keep an eye out for me!

Check out The Motorleague as they roll through the Atlantic province.

07/17 Fredericton, NB – Capital *
07/18 Amherst, NS – Teazer’s Pub
07/19 Halifax, NS – The Seahorse *
08/03 St. John’s, NL – George Street Festival ^
08/05 Halifax, NS – Cunard Centre ^
08/06 Moncton, NB – Casino New Brunswick ^
08/07 Fredericton, NB – Capital Exhibit Centre ^
08/10 Montreal, QC – HeavyMTL

* with Gloryhound, the Damn Truth
^ with Dropkick Murphys

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