Friday Playlist – Campfire Songs


We decided that with camping season well underway, it was a good time to tell you our picks for Campfire Songs. As a team, we compiled a list of 15 songs that we recommend you play during your next camping trip!

Old School – Hedley
Acadia – Marianas Trench
The Payoff – Faber Drive
Last September – Halfway to Hollywood
This Afternoon – Nickleback
Bucket – Carly Rae Jepsen
Here’s To The Times – ByStarlight
Tippin’ Point – Dallas Smith
Sunset at Summer’s End – Fighting For Ithaca
Heat Wave – The New Cities
Summer Paradise – Simple Plan
Bounty – Dean Brody
There Goes The Weekend- Mike Butler
Right For Me – Brighter Brightest
Pretty Sure – Ryan Cook

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