Show Review – RocketRocketShip

By: Tara Thompson

What: Shake It Off Summer Sessions ft. RocketRocketShip
When: June 28th, 2014
Where: GCSU Backlot, Corner Brook, NL

The Shake It Off Summer Sessions kicked off on the west coast at the GCSU Backlot in Corner Brook on June 28th.

Unfortunately, Emma Peckford was unable to preform due to a throat infection. Emma was put on vocal rest in hopes that she would be able to preform when she travels to Ottawa for the Ottawa Blues Fest on July 5th. The Wills kicked off the show instead. I believe these guys are fairly new on the scene and while they were good, they need to work a little harder on their stage presence to keep people entertained.

After a very short changeover, RocketRocketShip started their set to a crowd who couldn’t wait to hear songs from their new EP, Shake It Off. The band really kicked it into high gear during their second song, Tell Me What You’re Waiting For, which they filmed a live music video for, complete with an inflatable shark with a camera strapped on floating through the crowd. Now, I’ve seen RocketRocketShip play more then I’d like to admit sometimes and they always put off a high energy show. They’re also one of those bands that hang out and talk to people before the show and until everyone is gone.

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