Review – King Karoshi

By: Jenna Melanson

EP – Laundry
Release Date – May 1, 2014
Download Link –
Genre – Rock, Pop

Montreal band, King Karoshi has released their debut EP entitled “Laundry”. The band is made up of Rémi Denis (Lead Guitar/ Back-up Vocals), Patrick Dunphy (Vocals/ Rhythm Guitar), Alexy Guérer (Drums/ Back-Up Vocals), and Antoine Poliquin (Bass/ Back-Up Vocals).

If you are in Montreal tonight, June 27th, I would recommend you check out their release show at Quai des Brumes. For more information on the release show, be sure to check out their facebook.

Now to get back on topic, I listened to their EP a number of times and I find it is put together perfectly. The first song, “Laundry” is a song that I find easy to sing along with and the vocals are smooth and extremely easy to listen to. I would recommend this song to anyone who enjoys easy listening or folk style songs.

If you’re looking for a more rocking sound, I would highly recommend the fourth song, “First World Problems”, which shows another side of the band. The vocals are more raw sounding but still tends to pull me in. If you’re looking for a song that easy to sing along to, this might not be it, but it’s sure a great song to listen to. On top of the enticing vocals, the musicianship of all the members intrigue me to continue listening over and over.

I find that each song has a slightly different feel to it, which showcases each side of the band and shows the listener that the band can blend genres together to make an extremely pleasing listening experience, which is one thing that I love to see. I would highly recommend you all take a moment to listen to this band, I am quite sure you won’t regret it!

Rating: 4/5

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