Show Review – Marianas Trench and JPNSGRLS

Show Review - Marianas Trench and JPNSGRLS

By Remington Fioraso
Who: Marianas Trench with guest JPNSGRLS
Where: The Roxy in Vancouver, BC
When: June 12, 2014

Vancouver’s JPNSGRLS, pronounced Japanese Girls, opened up the night. The band
consisting of Charlie Kerr (Vocals), Oliver Mann (Guitar), Chris McClelland (Bass) and
Graham Serl (Drums) performed songs from their upcoming debut album “Circulation”
set to be released on July 15, 2014. The songs that stood out the most for me
were “Tiger” and “Smalls.” JPNSGRLS deliver a high energy performance. I definitely
will be seeing again.

The headliner, Marianas Trench, has been a prominent artist in my listening habits
since first seeing the video for “Shaketramp” on MuchMusic. However, until tonight, I
have not had the opportunity to see them play a live show.

When listening to the studio versions of albums, it can be difficult to determine whether
artists are able to recreate the sound in live settings. I was definitely impressed with Ian,
Josh, Matt, and Mike’s performance and the on-stage interaction with fans in between
songs. The band primarily played songs from “Masterpiece Theatre” and “Ever
After.” In addition,they played “Say Anything” from “Fix Me” and a cover of “Good
Vibrations.” The songs that I was most excited to see performed were “Celebrity
Status”, “Masterpiece Theatre III”, “Perfect” and “Haven’t Had Enough.” Throughout
their set, they had guests on stage, including Tavish Crowe (who you may recognize as
Carly Rae Jepsen’s guitar and co-writer of ‘Call Me Maybe’ with Ramsey and Jepsen)
and Sarah Ramsey.

The show was definitely worth the wait.

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