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By: Jenna Melanson

Flaunt is originally from Toronto, Ontario but now living in Maine, US. This EDM artist has a new album, “Codon” for sale exclusively on Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/release/codon/1305470 If you are looking to buy it on any other outlets, the release date is coming quick, June 23. Also look for a new single from him on July 7, “I Might Have Broken Ur Heart”.

If you are looking to find out more about Flaunt, you came to the right place, as I had the chance to conduct an email interview with him.

What made you decide that EDM music is what you wanted to pursue?

The advent of the computer as a one-stop studio made making the type of music that I wanted to create a reality. Coming from a bucolic isolated setting is no longer a barrier in the age of the internet and ability to connect with mentors all over the world.  However, I must comment that I don’t consider my genre EDM per se – at least as it is perceived in Europe – yes it is electronic – but not always dance and certainly not the type of music one equates with the tunes blasting out of headphones on the shores of the USA J

At what age did you start with music?

Oh so early in life… from the womb.

What can fans expect from you in the future?

CODON has been a beautiful labor of love… a passion project that really opens up the floodgates of FLAUNT’s cerebral hemispheres and heart. The Codon project will see some very interesting collaborations on both the music/remix front as well as the visual arts. Videos are being filmed for three more tracks from the project… in Arizona, UK, and a secret location… all to convey the heart and soul of the FLAUNT aesthetic. And then it is on to some surprise singles and … the followup album which I am recording presently. Another exciting EP is on the way as well which is tied into a short film. So, yes, FLAUNT is a prolific manic!

Up until now in your career, what has been your biggest accomplishment? And what is your biggest goal that you have yet to reach?

Parenthood – personally. And on the creative front: working with some of the most established and esteemed musicians as well as newcomers with droves of talent. I am constantly learning and developing my craft and that keeps me grounded and also reaching for the stratospheres.

Out of all the songs you’ve released, which one is your favorite and why?

I Might Have Broken Ur Heart is my current favorite. Why? Because this song is the MOST personal of all my tunes. It is heartbreaking but very freeing. I was in tears recollecting the painful memories of my youth that lead me to write that song. But in the end, I am the victor.

Do you prefer doing remixes of existing tracks or original tracks?

I LOVE to do originals. BUT I LOVE LOVE LOVE to get remixes. I started on the dancefloor… that’s where I started experimenting with sounds and such. For example, I am a huge fan of Bjork and Everything But The Girl. Love the experimentation with remixes that then guided their original sounds into a more eclectic mélange. Look at EBTG: they really were British folk/singer-songwriter until Todd Terry transformed Missing into the club smash it became. I can remember being in a club on the East Coast USA in the fall and hearing Tracy Thorn’s voice crystalizing out of what HAD to be a Rauhofer production. I hadn’t heard the song before. Didn’t know about anything new at all. But there it was… the debut of Five Fathoms (Club 69 Mix). WOW! This is what I love about remixes… taking the original and re-casting the song into a whole different sound. Similar to the way I approach music videos… I don’t want a video of me singing a song in my bed or while I am running away from cops. I want something INVENTIVE and INNOVATIVE.

Canadian Beats is all about Canadian music, who are some of your favourite Canadian bands/artists?

Ah… easy… Glenn Morrison, Sarah McLachlan, Neil Young, Art Department

If you could put together a tour with any Canadian bands/artist including yourself, who would headline and who would the openers be?

I certainly, HUMBLY, would be the small guy on the roster. And if I could share the stage with Glenn and Art Department … BLISS!

These next questions will help your fans get to know you better,  What is the one website you make sure to check daily?

Rolling Stone

If you had to listen to one album for a year, which album would you listen to?

Tusk by Fleetwood Mac

What is your current favorite song?

Fever by Black Keys

What is your favourite pastime?

Coffee Shop browsing

Do you have any hidden talents?

Let’s just say math and the art of healing

And lastly, is there anything you’d like to say to your fans?

Music is such a release, a perfect art form. Keep listening and searching for new sounds and expand your palettes. FLAUNT is not confined to one genre and hopefully you can grow with your artists. It is truly an honor that you listen to the music I produce.

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