Interview – Cugini

By: Jordyn Meade-Baxter

Canadian punk dubstep artist, Cugini, has been rising in the music scene. Not only is Cugini an artist, he is also known as a producer. As a producing team, many come together to form a community of artists and writers to create different music. His newest single was released on May 27th called “Activity” following his successful hit song “Love Undercover” which reached over 50, 000 views. He is currently working towards releasing a new EP.

What is the title of your EP?
C: The EP is called EXPOSED

Do you have any expected release time for the EP?
C:We are thinking of putting out the EP in September

What can you tell us about what is going to be on it?
C: It is an EP filled with seven tracks. Its girl heavy. I get very detailed and honest with my lyrics. Some girls will be quite upset and embarrassed. I think they should feel special. The entire world will hear these records. Nobody knows who the girls are obviously, but those girls will know these songs are about them. Feel special ladies.

You say that producing is like creating a “record company”. Would owning one be something you will want to eventually do some day?
C: We are working on that. CUGINI isn’t just an artist- We are a production/development team too. We don’t have intentions of signing with a record label right now. What are they going to do for us that we can’t do ourselves? Sure I will read their offers but it better be worth my time.

What exactly goes in to writing some of your songs?
C: It changes all the time. Sometimes I will start with a beat, sometimes I’ll have lyrics, sometimes I will have a melody, and lastly sometimes I will just sing a random melody and write words to the melody.

You have a team in your little record company. Who are they and what does everyone do?
C: Pauly Aka Luca is my right hand man (Songwriter/Singer/Performer) In CUGINI.
Jason Matos does all my visuals with John Klassen.
Jimmy Bonofiglio does my photos / He helps me make good choices.
Samantha Savoia does my PR.
Lauren Campitelli does my management.
Joe Alonzi does all my web.

Who is your biggest musical influence?
C: Skrillex and Blink 182

Do you plan on doing any touring?
C: Not right now. We are going to put out our EP and see where that takes us. Touring is in the plans! We wanna meet all our fans and perform this machine worldwide

What is your biggest goal you want to accomplish as a musician?
C: I want to see others smile when they hear a CUGINI record, I wanna talk to and meet as many people as possible. I love knowing that I can inspire people at the click of a button. Im excited for the experiences to come but I’m more excited for the stories that will be told about CUGINI

The next few questions are just for fun for the fans.

What is one thing that most people would not know about you?
C: I a helpless romantic with a dirty mind. Oh and #CG means Cugini Girl or Converse Girl. There is something about a girl in Converse shoes.

What is your favourite thing to do for fun?
C: I like doing Pauly when he is sleeping. Haha kidding.

Favourite ice cream flavor?
C: Cookie Dough. I am lactose intolerant – I cheat on that diet every once and a while.

Is there anything else you’d like to say to the fans?
C: I want to say thanks for the love and support. Everyone that has clicked and shared a CUGINI video means the world to me. Without the support and demand for CUGINI this thing would have been over a while ago. You guys are the fuel to this machine. Without it we can’t fly to space together. Lets go to the top and sell out arenas worldwide
One Love to you all.

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