Friday Playlist – Last Songs We Bought

Friday Playlist - Last Songs We Bought

Every week, we do a Friday Playlist post that has a theme in which we follow. This week our theme is “The Last Songs That We Have Bought”, which is pretty straight forward.

Here are the last two songs that each of the Canadian Beats writers have bought, which are by Canadian bands/ artists.

Nothing Goes My Way – Marty Zylstra
Warm Again – RocketRocketShip

Snake Charmer – Open Air
Wrong About That – Dallas Smith

Dance To The Drama – Keek
Four Wheel Drive – Dean Brody

Top It All – JRDN
Light Up – Ish ft. Daniel Richter

Cartographers – Thought Beneath Film
Creatures – London Above

City Murder – Sumo cyco
Hold You Like My Whiskey – Aaron Pritchett

Regular Joe – JoFo
All The Time – Keys N Krates

Stars – Final State
Right Direction – Matt Webb

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